TSA Tries to Seize . . . a Belt Buckle

  • 6 November 2014
  • jwoodie
TSA Seize Belt Buckle

The Transportation Security Administration continues to prove that it is both totally incompetent and utterly useless:

"First, they did a bag check, which happens to me every time I fly anyway, so who cares. When I walked over, the guy said, 'Yeah, there's something in there that's kind of shaped like a gun,' to which I replied, 'Yeah. It's a belt buckle.' . . .

"He pulled it out of the bag and looked at it. Yep. Belt buckle. He didn't seem like an idiot, but he called his supervisor over, who instantly made it clear to me that she was one of those petty authoritarian, logic-impaired idiots you often come to expect in positions of middling power in law enforcement. Her word was law . . . Even when, you know, it wasn't actually law. She said, 'Listen, you can either go back out of security and put this in your check luggage (which I don't have), or we'll confiscate it.'

"But this is honestly my favorite belt buckle, and I'm me, so - realizing I was speaking with a woman with the brainpower of a block of Parmesan cheese - I looked at her and said, 'You understand that this is a belt buckle, right? It is not a danger to the safety of anyone nor is it against the law to carry. I have also traveled with this belt buckle all over the country and it's never been a problem. So please explain to me how exactly you would justify taking it.'

"Her response was to suggest a hypothetical scenario. 'What if', she postulated, 'you take this object out of your bag and point it - like a gun - at a police officer? He would have no choice to assume that it was a gun, and take action against you.'"

Another supervisor was called in to look over the suspicious belt buckle:

"Eventually the woman came back, curtly handed me the buckle and said, 'Here you go. Have a good flight, sir.'"