Another ding in Hillary's armor

  • 27 April 2015
  • NormanL


The Clinton Foundation is being forced to refile five years worth of tax returns because "mistakes were made" in how it represented grants from foreign and government sources:

The Clinton Foundation's acting chief executive admitted on Sunday that the charity had made mistakes on how it listed government donors on its tax returns and said it was working to make sure it does not happen in the future.

The non-profit foundation and its list of donors have been under intense scrutiny in recent weeks. Republican critics say the foundation makes Hillary Clinton, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, vulnerable to undue influence.

After a Reuters review found errors in how the foundation reported government donors on its taxes, the charity said last week it would refile at least five annual tax returns.

"So yes, we made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do, but we are acting quickly to remedy them, and have taken steps to ensure they don't happen in the future," Clinton Foundation acting Chief Executive Officer Maura Pally said in a statement.

The errors appeared on the tax forms 990 that all non-profit organizations must file annually with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to maintain their tax-exempt status.

Obviously, Lois Lerner's crack team of nonpartisan IRS investigators missed all of those errors, too. But they may have been too busy destroying their own emails and computer hard drives to notice. And, certainly, the press missed all those gifts and donations because they had other priorities as attending black-tie galas with their favorite President, and searching under every rock and stone for evidence that tea party and liberty groups were racist.

But everything will be made right and there will be nothing more to see here. Kindly move along...or else.