The anti-gun Tim Kaine

  • 7 October 2016
  • NormanL
The anti-gun Tim Kaine

In the vice presidential debate earlier this week, Tim Kaine took pains to say he was a friend of the Second Amendment, but also determined to enact restrictive gun laws. It may be possible to reconcile the two in some alternative universe. But here's how the NRA characterizes Kaine's anti-gun mindset:

As Virginia governor, Kaine vetoed a bill that would have protected the right of Virginians to keep their own guns in their own cars. That same session, he also vetoed a bill that would have allowed concealed-carry permit holders to carry concealed handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol, provided they didn’t drink on the premises. Both measures later became law without any detriment to peace or good order in the commonwealth.

Kaine’s record has been no better in the U.S. Senate. Against the NRA’s opposition, he supported Sonia Sotomayor’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. And at her first opportunity, she voted against the individual right protected by the Second Amendment. Kaine also voted for bans on private firearm sales and supported limiting the number of rounds a law-abiding person could carry in a firearm for self-defense.

I could go on, but suffice it to say that Kaine is no friend to gun owners.

Which means Mr. Kaine is fully in line with current Democratic thinking.

Kaine is proud to be opposed by groups like the NRA. We give him credit for consistency on that point.

We wonder whether he is as enthusiatic about "common sense" restrictions on other constitutionally guaranteed rights -- say, freedom of the press, freedom of worship, or privacy rights.

Nah, not really. Like so many on the other side of this issue, he believes the Second Amendment exists only as an historical artifact, and the sooner it is erased, the better.