Behind the opposition to concealed carry

  • 13 December 2017
  • NormanL
Behind the opposition to concealed carry

Those who favor expanding gun control do so for any number of reasons. But among the more compelling, to those who don't know any better, is that more restrictions will lead to greater public safety. But as Rob Morse notes, this argument masks several cruel realities, particularly in the case of concealed carry permits:

Women are a disproportionately large fraction of assault victims because criminals think they are easy prey. Minorities also make up a disproportionate number of crime victims. Because of this actual vulnerability, women and minorities should be more likely than white men to receive concealed carry permits. In fact, women and minorities are underrepresented as concealed carriers in may issue states.

The reason is obvious. Carry permits are issued as political spoils in may-issue states. Permits go to rich white men who have power rather than to the citizens with the greatest need. The excuses are endless, and public safety is the chief rationalization. We would never accept the excuse of academic safety to deny women entry into schools, or financial safety to deny blacks a home loan.

We have made progress in the last 50 years. We integrated our churches and our clubs..unless you’re a gun owner who carries for self-defense. Politicians say this modern discrimination is for public safety.. even though concealed carry holders are more law abiding than the police. Disarming women and racial minorities is bigotry even though it is widespread and legally approved. I don’t believe that disarming the victims makes us all safer..even if it is socially fashionable.

The very politician who claim to represent women are the same politicians who want women disarmed. Their claim of “public safety” goes unquestioned by mainstream journalists..which tells us a lot about the poor state of journalism today. When we read about the recent sexual scandals that embroil so many Democrat legislators, maybe the reason they want women disarmed is obvious. We read about the sexual abuse in Hollywood and the news room, and we understand why they want the victims disarmed.

There are legitimate reasons to question the current version of the national concealed carry legislation pending in the Senate. We hope the concerns some gun rights advocates have regarding the sweeping data base provisions in the bill are removed, and that a "clean" concealed carry bill can be approved.

But we must not forget that those who oppose this bill, and gun rights more broadly, are less interested in making our neighborhoods safer than they are in scoring political points against an inconvenient constitutional amendment...regardless of who might suffer in the process.