The bureaucrat in your shower

  • 22 June 2017
  • NormanL

We are big supporters of the President's drive to cut unnecessary, costly regulations. While the bulk of the attention is given to how regulations harm business, the less well known, but even more annoying, regulations affect us personally, every day.

We're talking about items like your dishwaher, your toilet, your shower, even the water pressure in your home and the temperature setting on your water heater. Government has tinkered, managed and regulated them to the point where they no longer work as well as they used to. The result has been predictable:

You can see the evidence of the bureaucrat in your shower if you pull off the showerhead and look inside. It has all this complicated stuff inside, whereas it should just be an open hole, you know, so the water could get through. The flow stopper is mandated by the federal government.

To be sure, the regulations apply only on a per-showerhead basis, so if you are rich, you can install a super fancy stall with spray coming at you from all directions. Yes, the market invented this brilliant but expensive workaround. As for the rest of the population, we have to live with a pathetic trickle.

It’s a pretty astonishing fact, if you think about it. The government ruined our showers by truncating our personal rights to have a great shower even when we are willing to pay for one. Sure, you can hack your showerhead but each year this gets more difficult to do. Today it requires drills and hammers, whereas it used to just require a screwdriver.

The water pressure in our homes and apartments has been gradually getting worse for two decades. I had to laugh when Donald Trump made mention of this during the campaign. He was challenged to name an EPA regulation he didn’t like. And recall that he is in the hospitality business and knows a thing or two about this stuff.

“You have showers where I can’t wash my hair properly,” he said. “It’s a disaster. It’s true. They have restrictors put in. The problem is you stay under the shower for five times as long."

The pundit class made fun of him, but he was exactly right! This is a huge quality of life issue that affects every American, every day.

We encourage you to read the entire article (including the section on how government regulation of soap has made America a much dirtier place). It concludes:

One of the great achievements of modern technology was to bring the best appliances and the conveniences they offer into every home. Government regulations have systematically taken all that away from us, seriously diminishing the quality of our lives.

If the public knew the whole truth about this, the anti-government feeling alive in the land would intensify beyond anything we’ve ever known. In the meantime, don’t blame the manufacturers. They are the victims, along with the rest of the public. We are all trying to live better lives but the government won’t allow that to happen.

Getting the bureaucrats out of our showers, and laundry rooms, and so on, should be a priority -- if for no other reason than to make America clean again.