California's "gunmageddon" law challenged in court

  • 25 April 2017
  • NormanL
California's "gunmageddon" law challenged in court

A lawsuit against California's draconian "assault" weapons law is underway. And with good reason. The law as written is a direct threat to the Scond Amendment rights of California gun owners, criminalizing their behavior, and making the state less safe:

The AWCA makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, transport, import or transfer hundreds of popular and commonly owned semi-automatic firearms the law inappropriately demonizes and condemns as “assault weapons.” This means it is illegal for owners to transfer or sell these firearms to anyone in California, including to their own children or heirs upon death. And owners themselves will be violating the law by continuing to possess their firearms unless they register them as “assault weapons” with the state.

The Rupp case was filed in direct response to a number of anti-gun-owner laws, including the expanded “assault weapon” statute, which were signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in July 2016. Collectively, those new gun bans have become known as “gunmageddon” among California’s roughly 10 million gun owners. The Rupp case challenges those restrictions, as well as California’s broader statutory scheme, which arbitrarily and unconstitutionally restricts the use and possession of the most commonly owned firearms in the United States.

Multiple lawsuits challenging other aspects of the unconstitutional laws passed last year are also in the works and will be filed in the coming weeks. Rupp is the first of a number of NRA/CRPA sponsored lawsuits soon to be filed that will challenge the “gunmageddon” bills, as well as the new laws enacted by Proposition 63 -- which was overwhelmingly opposed by law enforcement.

You can read a copy of the suit here.

Given the entrenched anti-gun sentiment in the California political class (which too often extends to its judges), we can expect this case will take some time to work its way through the process. But it's important to fight this law. No state government should be allowed to deny Second Amendment rights -- and common sense.

California has a long habit of exporting its political views to other states, which makes fighting this law even more important. The anti-Second Amendment crowd is constantly looking for new ways to confiscate and ban firearms of all types. If the California example is allowed to stand, they will seek to impose it elsewhere.