On the death of Justice Scalia

  • 14 February 2016
  • NormanL
On the death of Justice Scalia

What can we say about Justice Antonin Scalia? He was a giant on the U.S. Supreme Court...intellectually rigorous, firmly principled. He served with many Justices during his time on the Court, but few could match his wit, or his dedication to the Republic's founding ideals.

He was an outsized personality on the Court. He played poker with the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist. He shared a love of opera, and a close friendship, with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He played piano, loved to sing at parties, was a fairly good tennis player...we could go on.

And what we go on to is a fight, sure to be as fractious and nasty as the confirmation hearings of Robert Bork in 1987 -- all the more so because we are now in the heat of a presidential election.

President Obama insists he will name a replacement. Republicans are just as insistent that no replacement Obama proposes will be approved. 

We will have plenty of time to fight. For now, we choose to remember the man his friends knew as "Nino." And we celebrate a life well and joyously lived.

Goodbye, Mr. Justice Scalia. We shall not see your like again...