FDA says milk isn't milk

  • 12 April 2018
  • NormanL

The federal government's age-old war on common sense, and the English language, continues to find new ways to horrify and disgust. Consider the nearby video. It tells the story of a dairy farmer who wants to sell natural skim milk to his customers -- no additives, just skim milk. But, according to the FDA, because he does not add vitamins to his product, he must label his skim milk "imitation."

The Institute for Justice picks up the story from there:

Randy wants to sell 100-percent pure skim milk with no added ingredients. The only ingredient in his skim milk would be skim milk. But when Randy contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to sell his delicious product across state lines, he learned that FDA regulations prohibit him from honestly labeling pure skim milk as “skim milk.”

The universally recognized definition of skim milk is just milk with the cream skimmed off. Pure, pasteurized, additive-free skim milk is safe to drink and legal to sell. But the FDA requires all-natural skim milk to be called either “imitation skim milk” or “imitation milk product.” The reason is the FDA has shockingly defined “skim milk” as having three ingredients. The first ingredient is pure skim milk. The other two ingredients are artificial vitamin additives that are not naturally found in skim milk. Business owners who insist on selling additive-free skim milk as “skim milk” face fines and even possible incarceration.

The First Amendment protects the right to tell the truth. That is why Randy and South Mountain Creamery are teaming up with the Institute for Justice to file a federal lawsuit challenging the FDA’s ban on labelling their products honestly.

We sometimes wonder just what goes through the mind of bureacrats when they write rules. But we quickly remind ourselves that a bureaucrat's first job is ensuring his job will last a lifetime. What better way to do so than to insist -- under penalty of law -- that a natural product is must be called imitation if it does not contain artificial additives?