Gun manufactures rally to stop Clinton

  • 4 August 2016
  • NormanL

A number of gun manufacturers are putting their own money into the fight to stop Hillary Clinton, and prevent what they believe would be a catastrophy for themselves, and gun owners, across the nation:

Rising concerns that a Clinton administration would ban the AR-15, the nation's top selling weapon, and pack the courts with gun control fanatics, have prompted top manufacturers to pour money into a campaign to educate voters about anti-gun positions held by candidates in the the upcoming election.

Smith & Wesson became the latest industry giant to join the effort of the National Shooting Sports Foundation dubbed "#GUNVOTE." The maker of several popular AR-15 versions contributed $500,000 to the campaign.

They joined O.F. Mossberg, which contributed $150,000, Sig Sauer, which gave $100,000, ammo maker Hornady Manufacturing, which donated $250,000, and Gander Mountain which is distributing #GUNVOTE materials in its retail stories.

One of the group's videos is posted nearby. Give it a look, and share it with you fellow Second Amendment supporters.