The left prepares to go even lower on Kavanaugh

  • 1 October 2018
  • NormanL

The politicl feeding frenzy over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court is not over. If anything, it may get worse as the FBI takes its seventh look into Kavanaugh's past. Democrats and their media allies got the investigation -- and delay -- they wanted. But it wasn't nearly as long, painful, and demeaning as they wished. 

California Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein is demanding the FBI hand over documents regarding the scope of their latest investigation. Her stated intention is to gather information. Her political intent is to undermine the bureau's latest effort before it gets fully underway.

Elsewhere, the head of the American Bar Association is pressuirng the group's committe on the judiciary, which unanimously gave Kavanaugh a "well qualified" rating when he was picked for the Supreme Court, to change its mind. The reason? When Kavanaugh defended himself before the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday, he just too darned angry. From the Wall Street Journal:

The excuse now being pushed on the ABA behind the scenes isn’t merely the uncorroborated claims of sexual misconduct, which are being investigated by the FBI. The new claim is that Mr. Kavanaugh’s passionate defense of his reputation before the Senate last week showed that he is too political and lacks the proper judicial temperament.

“Judge Kavanaugh did not reflect an impartial temperament or the fairness and even-handedness one would see in a judge,” Senate Democrat Dianne Feinstein tweeted on Friday. “He was aggressive and belligerent.”

The media have picked up the meme. “The judge who previously served as a top aide to President George W. Bush and worked for independent counsel Ken Starr’s investigation of President Bill Clinton tossed aside his earlier judicious language of neutrality,” opined CNN legal analyst Joan Biskupic.

“His declaration was the product of his personal anger, to be sure, and the move of a nominee whose professional and personal fate was on the line. But the result—of his rhetoric and the overall tenor of the nomination—means he could forever be marked as a politician on the bench rather than a neutral jurist,” Ms. Biskupic added.

The “overall tenor of the nomination?” Seriously? Who does the high-minded Ms. Biskupic think lowered the tone?

This tactic is deeply cynical. Had Kavanaugh rolled over before the committee, these same guardians of temperment would have said meekness was proof of Kavanaugh's guilt (through they insist the hearings were a "job interview," not a court proceeding.)

There will be more basesless charges, gutter tactics, and street theater before the full Senate takes up the nomination. None of it will be intended to change minds. All of it will be aimed at destroying Judge Kavanaugh and any who dare stand with him. Conservatives need to be prepared for what's coming, and not waver in the face of the left's despicable campaign to send Brett Kavanaugh down the memory hole.