Make the lame duck session matter

  • 12 November 2018
  • NormanL

Congress returns to Washington Tuesday for a lame duck session. Usually, such sessions are not productive. But with Democrats reading themselves to take control of the House in January, there have been calls from conservatives to make the 2018 lame duck session as productive as possible. Deroy Murdoch has several suggestions -- from finally repealing Obamacare to passing additional tax cuts. We particularly like this idea:

Congress should adopt the Higher-Rate-Optional Tax. Through the H.O.T. Tax, any American who feels under-taxed may designate on his 1040 form whatever higher rate he prefers to pay, multiply his income by that steeper levy, and send that amount to Washington. This should silence wealthy liberals who despise tax cuts — until they pass, whereupon they pocket them. These swells can pay however much more they wish, and everyone else can enjoy tax relief.

That's one way to smoke out the hypocrites. But our favorites are those bills which ought to pass without dissent, because they make so much sense:

The National Taxpayers Union’s annual “No-Brainer List” includes measures that boast serious bipartisan support, have passed one house, or are in conference committees. Among other things, these ten bills would increase transparency, halt federal checks to deceased Americans, terminate pensions to crooked members of Congress, and prevent federal employees from flying first class at taxpayer expense. These commonsense items deserve swift approval.

For more on the "No-Brainers" list, go here. Yes, each of them should be approved. And if that happens during the lame duck session? Excellent -- it will be a great Christmas gift to the nation.