The militant left preps for wider confrontation

  • 15 August 2017
  • NormanL
The militant left preps for wider confrontation

The militant left has decided that in the wake of the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend to escalate their strategy of confrontation and, if necessary, violence:

“Charlottesville is just the beginning. If the alt-right can get away with murder there, none of us will be safe. We have to stand up to white supremacists, we have to shut down and chase out these bigots every time they try to organize, or else they will kill more people,” reads one poster created by anarchist group CrimethInc, a self-described “international network of aspiring revolutionaries.”

“The police will not protect us. They murder over a thousand people every year in this country, and infiltrate and attack our demonstrations when we stand up against alt-right terror. We have to organize to defend ourselves.”

And there is also this:

“It’s essential to build fighting formations capable of facing down far-right violence. Fascists love to portray themselves as victims in order to claim the right to do violence to others; their entire narrative is built around the contradiction that they are simultaneously master race and underdog, victorious and persecuted. They treat any resistance to their program as an affront to their dignity and a violation of their safe space. Nonetheless, we have to be able to stop them in their streets, because they are in the business of purveying revenge fantasies,” the article states.

“Any footage they can record of successful attacks, however cowardly, will help them recruit from their base of bullies and sadists. Because of this, it is preferable not to enter into conflict with them except when fully prepared — but at all costs, we must not let them attain control of the streets.”

Even before Charlottesville, left-wing group Refuse Fascism was planning a series of mass demonstrations on November 4 that they say must result in the end of Trump’s presidency. The group is holding several organizing conferences on August 19 to plan out the mass protests.

These people may consider themselves on the right side of events, and maybe even history. But they are part of the problem. And their tactics -- "fighting formations" is hardly a term used to describe peaceful protest -- only indicates that they are primed, ready, and perhaps even eager for future confrontations.

This will all end badly -- for them, for law abiding citizens caught unaware, and for civil society at large.

And their aims will, contrary to their beliefs, only strengthen the President's hand, and put additional urgency -- and a much broader constituency -- behind the President's call for law and order. If they want more Trump, this is how they get more Trump.