More bad behavior from the left

  • 11 July 2018
  • NormanL

In yet another episode of leftists behaving badly, we bring you the case of former White House adviser Steve Bannon, who was accosted in a Richmond, Virginia book store. This story has a twist, however, as the store owner called police on the offending party. But the left took this as the store owner defending Trump, which prompted them to launch a vicious online campaign to destroy the business:

The trouble began when Steve Bannon — former Richmonder, conservative provocateur, and ex-Trump White House adviser — was spotted in the store on Saturday. Word spread and Bannon was soon confronted, in the store, by a young woman who screamed obscenities in his face. When she was politely asked to leave, she refused and continued to curse Bannon, according to a witness. The woman finally departed after the owner, Nick Cooke, instructed an employee to call the police. Bannon did not respond to the woman.

Things went downhill from there.

After The Times-Dispatch reported the incident, social media took over and a nationwide mob of anti-Trump bullies attacked, abused, and cursed Cooke and his business. A few threatened violence and gunplay. It was a disgraceful display, but one that has become increasingly common.

Cooke, whose political beliefs are nearly the opposite of Bannon’s, handled the unexpected, unpleasant incident with grace and courage. He set a standard for decent, respectful adult behavior. His statement, released online even as he was being savaged by a childish digital mob, is worth reading — and remembering — for its straightforward simplicity: “While I personally disagree strongly with Mr. Bannon’s political views, I will not allow someone to shout obscenities at any customer in our bookstore.”

Bravo. It’s discouraging to see admirable, obvious common sense treated, at least by one hysterical faction, as cause for derision and contempt. We can only hope that the vicious resistance represents just a sliver of this good nation. One thing is entirely certain: Nick Cooke is a far better — and more effective — advocate for the principles of a liberal society than was the screeching woman or the mongering digital wolfpack, which are fast becoming the public face of the anti-Trump movement.

These increasingly nasty, borderline fascist, outbursts may make the left feel good and right and powerful. They do not. If anything, this kind of behavior only serves to make the president's arguments against the left stronger...and incrementally increase the chances he will ride to victory again in 2020.