NSA Can’t Tell if Those Are Foreign or Domestic Emails

  • 6 November 2014
  • jwoodie
NSA Can’t Tell if Those Are Foreign or Domestic Emails

The National Security Agency has been called out more than once for its email surveillance program. Critics have charged that there is no way the NSA can separate domestic emails from foreign emails. And the critics have been proven right:

"According to an internal NSA memo, 'it is not possible to determine what communications are to or from U.S. persons nearly as readily as is the case with telephony, and often is not possible at all.'

"The revelation comes in documents pried from the governments' sticky fingers by the American Civil Liberties Union in the course of its efforts to plumb the parameters of Executive Order 12333, a secretive directive that lies behind much of the federal government's electronic surveillance. The executive order is intended to authorize efforts against foreign actors but, as the memo reveals, the snoopers are pretty much reduced to gathering everything up and then separating out the material on which they're not supposed to be spying after the fact."

We're supposed to trust that NSA bureaucrats will do the right thing and respect your privacy. Right . . .