Proposals to ease gun regulation, from the ATF

  • 8 February 2017
  • NormanL
Proposals to ease gun regulation, from the ATF

The ATF's chief operating officer, Ronald Turk, published a white paper listing a number of policy changes to "provide ideas and provoke conversation" within the Trump administration "regarding firearms regulations specific to ATF."

Among Turks's sugestions: changes to regulation on the re-importantion of surplus military firearms...

There are surplus rifles, pistols, ammunition, and other importable U.S. origin Curio and Relic (C&R) defense articles (including M1 Garand and Carbine rifles) and pistols (M1911) overseas awaiting importation authority. There is no clear public safety reason why taxpayer-funded US-origin C&R defense articles should be denied re-importation to the American public, while many non-U.S.- origin C&R items are approved. Additionally, these items do not represent any discernable public safety concern, as demand lies with collectors of vintage military firearms. Importation and sale through licensed dealers would effectively regulate the lawful transfer of these firearms through a licensee and a background check. Joint effort from the Administration, State Department, and ATF could easily reverse past decisions and allow for the safe and legal importation and sale of these historical and collectible items. Many M1 Garand rifles have been approved for importation in the past, setting precedence for this to occur. The more recent denials were in part due to perceived potential that they may be used in crimes, for which there is little, if any, evidence for such a concern.

This seems reasonable, as do many of his other ideas.

We hope they do "provoke conversation" within the Administration -- and that these ideas become reality.