Thomas Sowell Retires

  • 28 December 2016
  • NormanL

One of the lions of conservative thought, Dr. Thomas Sowell, is retiring. Writing in his final column for the Creators Syndicate, Sowell said:

Even the best things come to an end. After enjoying a quarter of a century of writing this column for Creators Syndicate, I have decided to stop. Age 86 is well past the usual retirement age, so the question is not why I am quitting, but why I kept at it so long.

It was very fulfilling to be able to share my thoughts on the events unfolding around us, and to receive feedback from readers across the country — even if it was impossible to answer them all.

Being old-fashioned, I liked to know what the facts were before writing. That required not only a lot of research, it also required keeping up with what was being said in the media.

During a stay in Yosemite National Park last May, taking photos with a couple of my buddies, there were four consecutive days without seeing a newspaper or a television news program — and it felt wonderful. With the political news being so awful this year, it felt especially wonderful.

This made me decide to spend less time following politics and more time on my photography, adding more pictures to my website (

We wish him the very best of days in his retirement, and thank Dr. Sowell for inspiring generations of conservatives to think critically about the world, and use their principles to try to make it more humane, more just, and more free.