Trump victory repudiates Obama, ends Clintonism

  • 9 November 2016
  • NormanL
Trump victory repudiates Obama, ends Clintonism

As we mull over the results of an historic election night in America, a few things are clear:

1. The polls were wrong. Not necessarily rigged, but their models of what the electorate would look like on Tuesday were way off the mark. The years-long crisis in the national polling industry is now reaching critical mass.

2. The press was wrong. Not that all of them were rabidly anti-Trump (some, most definitely, were not). But the press missed the story brewing under the surface about American disgust with the status quo, with Washington, with politics as usual. It's happened before (the mid-term congressional elections of 2010 and 2014, and most famously, the 1996 Republican Reveolution that took back Congress). But this time, and with more media covering more stories, in more places, than ever before, the real scoop eluded them. Many newsrooms will have to re-evaluate how they cover the news.

3. The pundits were wrong. It happens in every election cycle, but this time, more pundits were dead wrong than we can remember. Do not, however, look for many of them to admit it.

4. Conservatism has changed. Trump brings a different strain of conservatism to the forefront. Some of our friends on the right think it's fueled by nationalism, but we think it's more subtle, and perhaps more sweeping, than that. Trump's brand of conservatism is, at its core, anti-establshment. That's not new, but it is now front and center. The political class had best sit up, take notice, and act accordingly.

5. Barack Obama was repudiated. Mr. Obama swept into office on a wave of hope and change. But it turns out, his coalition was all about him, and no one else. Given an opportunity to effectively continue his policies for another four years, voters rejected it. 

6. Clintonism is over. Hillary Clinton's four decades in public life end with a resounding crash. She lost to Obama eight years ago, bides her time (and pads her bank account) as secretary of state, only to get the nomination she craved. And then lost. A fitting end to a grasping, grating, grifting politicla family.

7. The GOP must repeal Obamacare. Republicans now have Congress and the White House. They must repeal Obamacare before it does any further damage to the U.S. economy and American workers. If they fail to do this, then voers have every right, and reason, to toss them out of office.

8. The 2020 election has already started. Buckle up, folks. Democrats may have few candidates of national stature. They may have plenty of weeding to do in their own ranks. But they are already casting about for a candidate. Whoever that person may be, he or she is sure to run further to the left than Clinton (perhaps making even Bernie Sanders seem tame by comparison).

Enjoy the victory. Pray for our country, and its leaders. But most of all, educate yourself -- stay engaged, active, and ready to hold Washington accountable.