TSA intends to make your life even more miserable

  • 12 June 2015
  • NormanL
TSA intends to make your life even worse

How does the TSA respond to the news that it utterly failed a recent round of security tests? By taking it out on you:

Coast Guard Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger, whom Mr. Obama has nominated to lead the troubled Transportation Security Administration, said he was troubled by the findings of the Homeland Security inspector general, who according to preliminary reports found that screeners missed 67 of the 70 weapons or simulated explosives auditors tried to sneak past them.

The admiral said the TSA’s primary mission is security, though it must take into account the need to get passengers through airports quickly. But dealing with the problems exposed by the inspector general could tip the balance back toward stiffer security, he said.

In other words, the TSA is going to make getting through security at the airport even more difficult.  And there's another problem: 

Inspector General John Roth, whose investigators have exposed a number of problems within the TSA, questioned whether the leadership at the agency understood the magnitude of the problems.

Admiral Neffenger said he believes some people do grasp the problems and others do not.

That's commonly known as "living in denial." Government agencies are quite familiar with it.

What does all this mean?  Taxpayers have spent billions of dollars on the TSA, and it is incapable of doing its job. The TSA believes the only way it can do its job is to spend more and make life more difficult for travellers.

It's long past time to break this bureaucracy up, and put security back in the private sector.